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For 11 years, Charlotte Lane co-owner Kathleen was part of the popular guy-gal acoustic duo called “Naming the Twins” – the other half was the brilliant singer songwriter Robbie Smith. A little bit like Peter, Paul & Mary, if one of the guys took the night off, a little bit like Simon & Garfunkel if Art was a girl, a bit of Gordon Lightfoot or Stan Rogers if either of them had a girl¬† harmonizer…………they toured regionally and across the border, and recorded 4 CDs. In memory of Robbie,¬† there are choral arrangements of his songs created and already a handful of choirs have slated his beautiful pieces for performance. We would be so pleased to hear from you if you sing in a choir, or would like to perform a Robbie song yourself.

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Introducing “Server of the Year” 2014, winner of the Taste of Nova Scotia Prestige Award – Cora Beck.

“Must Be Roli” performed by “The best staff known to man…” backed up by Naming the Twins

Jingle Bells Adapted for the Last Six Days at Charlotte Lane

“Behind the Scenes” before the Luckett Vineyard Dinner

Pete from Luckett Vineyard Charms Everyone at Charlotte Lane

Chef Roland at Saltscapes 2011

Menu Testing

Charlotte Lane Cafe