Taste of Nova Scotia

Our menu features famous Maritime seafood, imaginative meat dishes, flavorful pastas, refreshing salads, and mouth-watering desserts, all prepared personally by co-owner Chef Roland Glauser.

The menu choices have been influenced by many of the delicious meals that Roland and Kathleen have enjoyed during their travels.

We happily feature as many local ingredients as possible on our menu. Please let us know if you can deliver fresh local meat, fish, or produce to our door.

Take-home meals are also available.

Gluten free, lactose free menus are also available.

Download or print our menus in PDF format:
Menu, Dessert List, Wine List, Gluten Free Menu

  • Appetizers
  • Pasta
  • Land & Sea
  • Lunchtime
  • Desserts
  • Wine & Beverages
    • Appetizers – Soups – Salads

      Watermelon and Feta Cheese Salad
      leaf lettuce with toasted sunflower seeds and crisp rice vermicelli noodles
      tossed with miso, lime and ginger dressing
      small 7.95   large 10.25

      “Greens, Grains & Citrus” Salad
      quinoa, oranges, celery, toasted almonds and goat cheese tossed with kale, iceberg lettuce and orange vinaigrette
      small 7.95   large 10.25

      Bluenose Spinach Salad
      with apples, sun-dried blueberries, candied pecans, and crumbled blue cheese in maple vinaigrette
      small 8.95   large 11.50

      Charlotte’s Mesclun Salad
      mixed greens, spicy walnuts, sun-dried apricots, caramelized garlic and tangy raspberry vinaigrette…on the cover of the “Salads” cook book
      small 7.95 large 10.25

      Classic Caesar Salad
      real croutons, real parmesan, real bacon and real garlic
      small 7.95 large 10.25

      Zucchini Picatta
      with cornmeal and parmesan batter, layered with goat cheese, arugula basil pesto and finished with balsamic drizzle

      Nova Scotia Fish Sampler
      a selection of locally smoked and marinated fish, complemented by chipotle lime mayo

      Eastern Shore Mussels
      plump mussels steamed in white wine, garlic, and tarragon

      Taste of Nova Scotia Chowder – Roland’s award winning recipe!
      scallops, shrimp, haddock and maple smoked salmon in rich creamy broth,
      finished with tarragon, parsnips, sweet potato, bacon and boxing rock beer
      cup 7.95   bowl 10.95

      Roland’s Delectable Soup
      sometimes hot, sometimes cold, but always delicious!
      cup 5.95   bowl 7.95

    • Pasta & More

      “Let’s Make Mexico Grate Again” Roesti
      switzerland meets mexico with grated potatoes, carrots and zucchini with kale sauteed golden crisp,
      served with mexican slaw, coriander and sour cream drizzle

      Town Market Fusilli
      medium spicy “lockeport town market” sausage, mushrooms, spinach, garlic tomato, olive oil, basil and asiago cheese tossed with gluten free fusilli

      Spaghettini Gorgonzola
      sliced sauteed chicken breast, broccoli, and green peppercorns smothered in creamy blue cheese sauce

      Garlic Scallop Linguine
      locally harvested scallops sauteed with garlic in spicy tomato cream sauce

    • From Land & Sea

      “Back to the Land” Salmon Filet
      baked in middle eastern herb rub and topped with a basil tomato concasse. proud to serve land-based farmed salmon  26.95

      Chicken Breast William
      boneless breast of chicken stuffed with mushroom mousse, pear and cream cheese, perfected with honey red wine sauce  25.95

      Pork Tenderloin Zurich Style
      finely sliced pork tenderloin braised with mushrooms and creamy demi-glace sauce, served with rösti potato

      “The Boy’s” Favourite Rack of Lamb
      succulent spring lamb drizzled with port wine orange sauce and sun-dried berries

      “Open Sesame” Scallops
      seared plump scallops with orange sesame ginger drizzle

      Filet Mignon
      6 oz. of alberta beef tenderloin pan seared to perfection,
      served with two peppercorn brandy sauce

      Seafood Crepe Casserole
      haddock, scallops, shrimp, and mushrooms in dill cream, topped with melted cheese

      Lobster and Scallops Brandy Gratin
      tender lobster and scallops simmered in decadent brandy cream, baked with monterey and cheddar cheese…kathleen’s favourite!

      The King George
      start with a 6oz filet mignon and top it with a poached lobster tail and garlic herb butter

      All Land and Sea entrées are served with fresh steamed veggies and a choice of our grain of the day, or Roland’s pan roasted potatoes

    • Lunchtime Extras

      In addition to the regular menu, the following menu items are available from 11:30 – 2:30

      Swiss Potato Rösti
      grated potatoes sauteed until golden brown, smothered with cheese and topped with a fried egg. what a meal! served with your choice of any of our salads
      14.95 (add $1.00 for bluenose salad)

      Zucchini Picatta
      with cornmeal and parmesan batter, layered with goat cheese, arugula basil pesto and finished with balsamic drizzle, served with a choice of any one of our salads
      13.95 (add $1.00 for bluenose salad)

      Chicken Caesar
      tender boneless breast of chicken with your favourite caesar salad

      Sandwich, Soup & Salad Combos 12.95
      Choose two items to make your own combo:
      egg salad
      bbq pork roast with salsa mayo
      montreal smoked meat with chipotle cream cheese
      cucumber and tomato with roasted red pepper cream cheese
      watermelon and feta
      grains and greens
      bluenose (add $1.00)
      charlotte’s mesclun
      soup of the day
      taste of n.s. chowder (add $2.00)

    • Desserts

      Charlotte Lane “Liquid Diet” Special
      start with a mug of our freshly ground and brewed coffee, add Bailey’s Irish Cream and brandy, then top with real whipped cream and Belgian chocolate shavings

      “Slàinte Mhath!” Trio of Single Malt Scotch 1.5 oz
      a changing selection of three different single malt scotches an opportunity to taste test, compare and find your favorite

      Nova Scotian Dessert Wine Sampler 3.0 oz
      sample 3 delicious dessert wines and compare their different styles

      Nova Scotian “Eau de Vie” Trio 1.5 oz
      artisanal maple, muscat and plum grappa

      Ironworks Lunenburg Liqueur Tester 2.0 oz
      a sample of blueberry and strawberry-rhubarb liqueurs to savour

      Peanut Butter Cream Pie
      creamy peanut butter mousse on a chocolate crumb crust, drizzled with rich chocolate sauce

      Sticky Toffee Pudding
      a traditional warm english cake, drenched in butterscotch and custard sauce

      Apple Ginger Cake
      warm apple upside down cake prepared with fresh ginger, crowned with caramel cream

      Lemon Panna Cotta
      cream custard with essence of lemon and vanilla,
      served with tart raspberry sauce

      Chocolate Pear Cake
      rich dark flourless chocolate pear cake with honey sour cream sauce

      Baked Cheese Cake
      our daily selection is made with the finest ingredients available

      Dessert Wines
      Your server will be happy to tell you about our daily selection of dessert wine (2oz)

      Liqueurs and Brandy
      Grand Marnier, Drambuie, Courvoisier Cognac, Armagnac VSOP, B & B Liqueur
      Kahlua, Amaretto, D’Eaubonne VSOP Brandy, Jaegermeister, Sambuca white or black, Ouzo, Bailey’s

      Nova Scotian Port 2.0 oz
      Devonian Coast Tawny Port

      Hot After Dinner Drinks
      Espresso 3.25
      Cappuccino 3.95
      Latte 3.95
      Café Mocha 3.95
      Chai Tea 3.95
      European Coffee 3.95
      Green Tea, Herbal and Specialty Teas 2.50
      Red Rose Tea 2.50
      Freshly Ground and Brewed Fairly Traded Organic Coffee or Swiss Water Decaf 2.50

      Special Coffee
      Spanish Coffee
      Irish Coffee
      Alexander Coffee
      or pick your favourite liqueur combo and we’ll make it for you  7.95

    • Wine List


      all alcoholic beverage servings are 1oz unless otherwise specified

      Dubonnet (2oz),  Dry Sac Sherry (2oz) , Campari, Pernod 6.95


      Captain Morgan Rum,  Bombay Sapphire or Tanqueray Gin,  Absolut Vodka,  Tequila 6.95
      Grey Goose Vodka, Hendrick’s Gin  8.95

      Whisky, Scotch, and Bourbon
      Canadian Club Whisky, Jameson Irish Whisky 5.95
      Bell’s 10 Year Old Blended Scotch, Johnnie Walker Red Label 5.95
      Glenfiddich Special Reserve Single Malt Scotch 7.50
      Selection of Specialty Single Malt Scotch 8.95
      Jack Daniels, Jim Beam Bourbon 5.95

      Screwdriver, Caesar, Brown Cow, Black or White Russian 7.50 (1.5oz)
      Martini,  Manhattan, Rusty Nail 8.95 (2.0oz)

      Beer & Cider

      Alexander Keith’s, India Pale Ale or Keith’s Light, Nova Scotia 5.25
      Labatt’s Blue, Canada 5.25
      Boxing Rock, Hunky Dory Pale Ale, Shelburne 6.25
      Boxing Rock, Temptation Strong Red Ale, Shelburne 6.25
      Hell Bay, English Ale, Nova Scotia   6.25
      Propeller Micro Brewery, Extra Special Bitter, Nova Scotia 6.25
      Garrison Micro Brewery, Nut Brown Ale, Nova Scotia 6.25
      Tata Brew, Deception Bay India Pale Ale, Nova Scotia 500ml 8.95
      Corona Extra, Mexico 6.25
      Bulwark Traditional Cider, Nova Scotia 500ml  8.95

      Sparkling Water, Fruit Drinks, Fizzes & Soft Drinks
      San Pellegrino Sparkling Water – sm 2.95 – lg 6.95
      Fresh Squeezed Lemonade 3.25
      Beautiful Pink Drink – fresh squeezed lemonade and cranberry 3.25
      Shelburne Sunrise – orange and cranberry 3.25
      Pineapple Orange Fizz – 3.25
      Lemon Lift – fresh squeezed lemonade and soda 3.25
      Cranberry Kick – cranberry and soda 3.25
      Apple, Orange, Tomato, Clamato, Cranberry, Grapefruit Juice or Iced Tea 2.95
      Labatt’s .5 Beer 3.50
      Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Sprite, Diet 7up, Root Beer 2.50