Shelburne’s Charlotte Lane Wins Best Restaurant Award

November 15, 2010

It’s not every day that a small restaurant located two hours from downtown Halifax, wins Nova Scotia’s Best Small Restaurant of the Year award. But last Wednesday night, at the Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia gala awards dinner, Charlotte Lane of Shelburne did just that.

“I was a bit shocked, because living in the country, the name of our restaurant doesn’t pop up very often. But we are really proud to get on the radar and be recognized by the association. I know and respect a lot of the chefs and restaurant owners in Halifax, so it’s even more special for us to be recognized as being every bit as good as them. Last year, Fleur de Sel and Fid Resto shared the honors for this award category and we’re really happy to be in such good company and carry the torch for delicious, locally sourced food” says Roland Glauser, chef and co-owner, along with his wife, Kathleen.

Roland, originally from Switzerland has cooked professionally since he was 16. After a three-year apprenticeship and several years work experience in Switzerland, he headed to Jasper Alberta, where he and Kathleen met. They eventually moved to Halifax, as Kathleen had family there. Roland worked at the newly opened Sheraton Hotel from 1985 to 1988 as restaurant chef and then as its executive chef, followed by six and a half years as chef at Inn on the Lake.

“Charlotte Lane was born 16 years ago” says Kathleen. “Everything just came together for us. Shelburne really chose us. We knew we wanted to settle somewhere outside of Halifax and start a restaurant. Within just a few days, our Halifax house sold and we found the perfect 170 year old house in the historic district of Shelburne. We’d looked at other towns, but this community welcomed us with open arms and we just knew this was the right place for us.”

“This award is a real pat on the back for our dedicated staff. Roland and I have incredibly high standards when it comes to the dining experience we want our customers to have. We hire folks from the local community and we provide whatever training needed to ensure that each person has the skills and confidence to meet those standards. From the cooks who work in the kitchen with Roland every day, to the front of house team that I manage, these are top notch folks who deserve a lot of the credit for this award”.

The historic district of Shelburne makes for a good day trip from Halifax. In addition to the now award- winning restaurant, it is home to the oldest barrel factory in Canada, an artisan wooden flute maker, the Shelburne museum complex and the Osprey Performing Arts Centre.

Charlotte Lane is open Tuesday to Saturdays through to December 22 and re-opens in early May.

Kathleen Glauser
Charlotte Lane
902 875 3314