Spring 2011 Newsletter

Happy Spring Everybody!
Isn’t it grand when the first little spring flowers pop up in the garden and there is a promise of warmth in that sunshine? Well that may not be an exact portrayal of today’s weather, but you know what I mean.

Between Roli and myself and all the staff, we’ve landed in quite a few parts of the world this past winter. Thank goodness for air miles, airline points, good seat sales and some pretty generous Christmas presents. Between all of us, we’ve been to the west coast of Canada, Italy, the UK, Bahamas, Switzerland, Dominican Republic, and into the USA as far south as Georgia.

We thought you might enjoy a sneak preview into what’s happening around here as we prepare for Opening Day on Friday May 6. Check out our new facebook page to see our short little video on ……
well, you’ll just have to go there to see.

Here’s the link where you can “Like” our page:

See you very soon,
Kath & Roli and all the staff